A look back at our fibrous plaster and ceiling projects in 2020

A look back at the projects completed by our ornamental plasterers over the course of 2020: classic and contemporary fibrous plaster, acoustic ceilings, and more.

Decorative elements: fibrous plaster brackets and vases

Fibrous plaster vases are decorative elements which can take multiple forms: capital vases, ornamental vases and column brackets.

Statues and other decorative elements made of fibrous plaster

Gargoyles, statues and other decorative elements occupy a central role in architecture, whether positioned indoors or on a façade.

Columns in contemporary architecture

Columns made of fibrous plaster are increasingly employed in contemporary architecture. In hotels, they help to enhance the luxuriousness of different spaces.

Fibrous plaster and Mono acoustic in shopping arcades

Shopping arcades are places of dense foot traffic and pervasive agitation. Fibrous plaster and Mono® Acoustic can add a touch of modernity and reduce ambient noise.

Decorative fibrous plaster motifs : doors and corners

Door and corner decorations come from Greek and Roman decorative motifs. Rounded floral motifs for a noble interior.

Vaulted fibrous plaster ceilings

Vaulted ceilings are real architectural pieces: transverse arches, semi-circular arches, vaulted brick ceilings and domes. A quick glimpse…

History of fibrous plaster

Discover the history of fibrous plaster. Created later than stucco, fibrous plaster has become a must in the production of decorations.

Decorative motifs for fibrous plaster columns

Decorative motifs can take a variety of forms on columns made of fibrous plaster: graphic, classic, imitation tree trunks and more. A quick glimpse at the range.

Fibrous plaster decorations no. 2: wall friezes

Fibrous plaster wall friezes, the ideal decorative solution to beautify your ceilings or walls. A quick glimpse of different wall frieze motifs made of fibrous plaster.