Decorative motifs for fibrous plaster columns

Between floral, graphic, classic and Egyptian motifs, Solomonic columns, imitation tree trunk and faux marble columns, and more, we can produce a multitude of decorative motifs for your fibrous plaster columns to give your interior layout a unique look. Today, columns are making a real comeback in the world of architecture.

Fibrous plaster can be worked to make a wide variety of meticulously formed motifs. This craftsmanship allows us to create the unique décor sought out by individuals and businesses alike.

A quick glimpse at the range of ornamentation available for fibrous plaster columns.

Columns in architecture

Cnrtl definition : ARCHITECTURE

Column : A cylindrical vertical support, typically made of stone or marble, comprising a shaft, a capital and a base, which holds up an entablature and serves as a building decoration.

Columns first made their appearance during the Greco-Roman period.

They initially belonged to one of three main architectural orders: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian.

The Romans then added the Tuscan and Composite styles to these.

Columns originally served as exterior ornamentation on sacred buildings like temples. Nowadays, columns are a major component of interior layouts. Thanks to the wide variety of available motifs, they are suited to any style of décor.

Using columns in your interior layout

Interior columns provide a real architectural edge to your layout. They add an attractive finish to your décor thanks to their motifs and their grandeur.

They also play a structural role in your indoor space. Depending on where they are placed, they can show off an opening, high ceilings or certain furniture.

Columns can be used to give structure to a space by creating a partition that separates different rooms.

Choosing the right columns

Columns with a graphic motif

Circles, cubes, triangles, zig-zags, chequerboards and diamonds are just some of the possibilities for graphic columns which will set off your interior to its best advantage.

When combined with a restrained décor, graphic motifs can add a modern finishing touch to your layout.

Whether you opt for full or partially sunken columns, graphic columns will bring a sense of movement and depth to the space.

Solomonic columns

The production of Solomonic (spiral) columns demands real craftsmanship. Sculpted out of plaster of Paris, they provide both perspective and ornamental decoration.

Most commonly found on traditional sites like chapels, Solomonic columns can also be used in luxury establishments where the contemporary intermingles with the classic.

Imitation tree trunks

Reproducing textures out of fibrous plaster offers an extremely vast range of possibilities. Columns that imitate tree trunks add a natural, meticulous touch to either exotic or traditional décor.

Whether grouped in islands or scattered throughout your space, these columns are an excellent way to give structure to your space.

Pedestal and capital

A capital featuring meticulously crafted motifs can create a parallel with a frieze or cornice in order to showcase a ceiling, elegantly topping off the line of the column.

Decorations on columns also include the work done on their pedestals and capitals. These parts of a column demand extremely painstaking work.

Adorned with leaves, flowers or wavy lines, a pedestal’s ornamentation can accommodate a column in a solid colour or with some texture.

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