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The latest word from Maison Rouveure Marquez

Take a look at our news items to follow the latest projects from Maison Rouveure Marquez, key outside-the-box architectural, design and building events you don’t want to miss, and internal activities from the specialist in plaster and ceilings.

A look back at our fibrous plaster and ceiling projects in 2020

A look back at the projects completed by our ornamental plasterers over the course of 2020: classic and contemporary fibrous plaster, acoustic ceilings, and more.

Installation of Rockfon Mono® Acoustic ceilings

To guarantee their durability and the quality of their sound absorption, Rockfon Mono® Acoustic ceilings should always be installed by a certified installer

Decorative elements: fibrous plaster brackets and vases

Fibrous plaster vases are decorative elements which can take multiple forms: capital vases, ornamental vases and column brackets.

Statues and other decorative elements made of fibrous plaster

Gargoyles, statues and other decorative elements occupy a central role in architecture, whether positioned indoors or on a façade.

Columns in contemporary architecture

Columns made of fibrous plaster are increasingly employed in contemporary architecture. In hotels, they help to enhance the luxuriousness of different spaces.


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