Fibrous plaster vases as decorative elements

Prestigious establishments – like restaurants, luxury hotels and cultural sites brimming with history – look for decorations inspired by ancient architectural styles which will allow their elegance and ancestral know-how to shine through.

The use of craft production techniques is the perfect illustration of the need for those venues to devise unique décor, with elaborate, meticulous motifs, the kind that might be found in castles and other monuments, as testimonials to the architecture of yesteryear.

Vases in architecture


Capital vase : The interior part of a Corinthian capital from the acanthus leaves spring forth.

In architecture, a capital is the elements at the top of a column that transfers the weight of the roof above it. Capitals are also seen as ornamental elements topping columns, pillars and pilasters.

As concerns vases, they only regained their status as essential architectural components under the reign of King Louis XIV. Although they are not as popular as statues, they occupy a choice position in the world of décor.

Column brackets and vases as decorative elements

Capital vases

Acanthus leaves are the most frequently used motif for decorating capital vases and cornices.

Typically installed in rooms with high ceilings, capital vases can serve to dress up a cornice or wall frieze, or to establish harmony with a column.

When employed in interior design, capitals create the impression of bringing the outdoors indoors, which will further enhance your layout.

Vases featuring gargoyles

Vases are real architectural pieces. Bearing witness to an ancient architectural style, they can be adapted into different forms while still retaining the hallmarks of nobility.

They are usually found in distinguished palace gardens but are also used in interior décor.

When placed on either side of a staircase or doorway, vases adorned with gargoyles add a touch of sophistication to areas which are all too often neglected in interior design.

This arrangement accentuates the sense of grandeur and anchors your configuration in an architectural style that blends ancient refinement with contemporary finesse.

Brackets supporting columns

Although columns are architectural elements in their own right, brackets installed below them can accentuaterecessed columns.

Frequently bedecked with acanthus leaves, brackets can take on a variety of forms to set a room’s architectural tonewhile imbuing it with elegance and refinement.

Column brackets can be placed below columns in solid colours or with a little texture to avoid overloading the whole design.

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