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Fibrous plaster


Fibrous plaster is a material made of plaster and plant fibres that craftsmen work into ornamental decorations, mouldings and contemporary creations.

Contemporary  Ornemental



A fundamental element in any space, ceilings can add elegance, comfort and aesthetics by combining acoustical properties with custom-fit lighting.

Acoustic Suspended

Our specialities

Rouveure Marquez offers high-end services thanks to our seasoned expertise. Maison Rouveure Marquez is a Qualibat certified “Living Heritage Company” and member of the Bellecour Committee.

Contemporary fibrous plaster


For modern updates to interior spaces, bespoke creations and innovative shapes and dimensions.

Thanks to our ancestral know-how, the Rouveure Marquez studio can produce your creations using fibrous plaster, for original décor with a contemporary feel.

Ornamental fibrous plaster


Traditional artistry using natural plaster of Paris. Decorative elements from the 17th to 20th centuries, with motifs made to measure.

The craftsmen at the Rouveure Marquez studio are committed to fashioning cornices and mouldings using traditional, ancestral techniques.


Acoustic ceilings

For an experience which combines aesthetics with comfort. High-end solutions for both new and renovated buildings, in any geometric configuration.

Rouveure Marquez is proud to offer practised expertise in acoustic ceilings, which are true assets for your indoor areas, in terms of both aesthetics and sound.

Suspended ceilings

Production and installation of dropped ceilings with a preference for lightweight materials and attractive quality-price ratios.

The Rouveure Marquez studio offers you long-lasting ceiling solutions thanks to our expertise in ceilings which can be dismantled and replaced one by one, as needed.

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