Hanging lights and roses as ceiling decorations

Discover our range of hanging lights and roses for your ceiling decorations. Our ornamental plasterers are here to assist you with your fibrous plaster projects.

Production, reproduction and restoration of fibrous plaster cornices

Cornices made of fibrous plaster are an aesthetic asset for interior décor. Bespoke creation or reproduction for ceiling ornamentation.

Sound insulation with fibrous plaster

Fibrous plaster is an attractive solution for reducing noise. A look at the sound insulation provided by fibrous plaster in shopping arcades and museums.

Installation of Rockfon Mono® Acoustic ceilings

To guarantee their durability and the quality of their sound absorption, Rockfon Mono® Acoustic ceilings should always be installed by a certified installer

Fibrous plaster and Mono acoustic in shopping arcades

Shopping arcades are places of dense foot traffic and pervasive agitation. Fibrous plaster and Mono® Acoustic can add a touch of modernity and reduce ambient noise.

Vaulted fibrous plaster ceilings

Vaulted ceilings are real architectural pieces: transverse arches, semi-circular arches, vaulted brick ceilings and domes. A quick glimpse…

Fibrous plaster decorations no. 2: wall friezes

Fibrous plaster wall friezes, the ideal decorative solution to beautify your ceilings or walls. A quick glimpse of different wall frieze motifs made of fibrous plaster.

Ceiling decorations made of fibrous plaster

Round or linear, with or without ornamentation, fibrous plaster decorations enable the creation of ceilings with atypical and/or contemporary decorations.

Advantages of Mono Acoustic

Discover the advantages of Mono® Acoustic, how it performs and recommendations for possible applications of this ceiling type. You can also take a look at our past projects using it.