Decorative motifs for fibrous plaster columns

Decorative motifs can take a variety of forms on columns made of fibrous plaster: graphic, classic, imitation tree trunks and more. A quick glimpse at the range.

Construction of Kopster Hotel

Kopster Hotel, the latest establishment from the Lavorel Hotels group, with its trendy, offbeat décor, a restaurant and a lobby bar. Worthy a look in Décines.

New Double 7 restaurant in Dardilly

A new Double 7 restaurant moves into Dardilly, northwest of Lyon. Featuring cosy décor by J. Rochet and modern cuisine, all under the leadership of Stéphanie and Fabrice Masson

Fibrous plaster decorations no. 2: wall friezes

Fibrous plaster wall friezes, the ideal decorative solution to beautify your ceilings or walls. A quick glimpse of different wall frieze motifs made of fibrous plaster.

New caveau museum space design

A look at the Caveau museum’s space, a way to showcase ancient objects form the world of wine and winemaking.

Construction of Villa Maïa

A look at the construction of a new luxury hotel inaugurated in 2017, Villa Maïa. Contemporary architecture, a contemplative garden and inspiring décor.

Decorative motifs: roses made of fibrous plaster

Roses made of fibrous plaster constitute one of the most widespread decorative motifs for ceilings and walls. In a classical style or to beautify your contemporary spaces

Construction of the Caveau du Château Guigal

A look at the refurbishment of the Caveau du Château Guigal, a truly emblematic site for wine tourism. An experience outside of time…

Mashrabiya spirit using fibrous plaster

An oriental and suave style, traditional or modern through the architectural decoration of Moucharabieh style. An exotic spirit realized in staff

Ceiling decorations made of fibrous plaster

Round or linear, with or without ornamentation, fibrous plaster decorations enable the creation of ceilings with atypical and/or contemporary decorations.