Installation of Rockfon Mono® Acoustic ceilings

Rockfon Mono® Acoustic ceilings are the design solution that can be adapted to fit any project, from new builds to renovations, in straight or curved lines.

These ceilings offer many technical benefits, the main one being the sound absorption properties achieved by its composition made of rockwool. This innovative solution has been used in museums, hotels, shopping centres and more.

How are Rockfon Mono® Acoustic ceilings installed?

Use certified installers

The installation of Rockfon Mono® Acoustic ceilings requires the use of certified installers.

Rockfon Mono® Acoustic ceilings are monolithic and non-modular, so special expertise is necessary in order to install them.

This is because these ceilings can be positioned in straight, rounded or wavy lines, which entails multiple steps in the installation process.

Training is required to become a certified installer, to ensure full mastery of the installation of these innovative ceilings.

For clients who have chosen these ceilings, that training guarantees a high-quality install, project monitoring and any maintenance work which may be necessary.

A certificate of aptitude for installation is issued to the installer at the end of the training to prove that he/she has completed the course arranged by Rockfon.

The steps in installing
Mono® Acoustic ceilings

Installation of the grid

The first step in installing a Rockfon Mono® Acoustic ceiling is the installation of the steel grid which will then hold the rockwool panels.

When installing the grid, the installer must take the dimensions of the room and the elements embedded in the existing ceiling into account.

The frame is attached to rigid hangers which guarantee that the panels will be stable and remain in place over time.

Panel attachment

Once the steel grid is in place, the installer performs a number of checks, verifying:

  • the panels’ dimensions and squaring
  • that the panels have no spots or marks on them
  • that none of the panels’ fleece has come unglued.

After checking these different points, the installer attaches each panel with screws and curved washers to prevent any damage to the panels.

The evenness of the ceiling is verified during and after installation of the panels.

Application of filler to the seams

Once all the panels are in place, the installer fills in the seams with a joint compound.

Once applied between each panel, the compound guarantees perfect sound absorption.


When the joint compound is dry, the installer sands the joints to remove any excess material and achieve a smooth surface.

Spraying of a topping compound

To protect the ceiling, the installer prepares a topping compound and sprays it onto the ceiling.

To avoid any discontinuity, the compound can also be applied to inspection panels.

A look at our past Mono® Acoustic projects

As a certified Rockfon installer, Rouveure Marquez has installed multiple Mono® Acoustic ceilings.

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