Fibrous plaster and interior design

Interior design consists of beautifying an indoor space with objects in a specific layout, using materials chosen with care. That design should meet the client’s needs and expectations, as well as reflecting the spirit of the place.

To ensure your interior design is a success, an interior designer, architect or room planner can help you choose your materials, colours and the right layout to create a space and an atmosphere that reflect the image of your location. 

An interior layout uses skills in the fields of decorations, design, ergonomics and architecture. Fibrous plaster, a fashionable material that is infinitely malleable, allows you to create specific decorations for a sumptuous, atypical or modern layout.

A glimpse at how fibrous plaster can be used in interior design

Fibrous plaster ceilings

and attractive lighting elements

Thanks to its immaculate whiteness, fibrous plaster is the ultimate contemporary, designer material. Fibrous plaster ceilings have an important place in interior design.

They are often crafted to be able to incorporate lighting which gives off diffuse light that enhances large spaces.

Embedding spotlights and lighting gorges in fibrous plaster ceilings adds volume to the room and modernizes the whole feel of the space.

Architects sometimes design unusual lighting elements, like for this villa in the South of France, where the ceilings and walls are adorned with a fibrous plaster facing featuring light gorges with luminescent gilding.

Fibrous plaster offers the possibility of creating smooth ceilings and curved shapes which can either accentuate or diminish the sense of height.

Ceilings decorations

and cornices made of fibrous plaster

Cavetto, drip, ornamental and linear cornices made of fibrous plaster can just as easily be employed in classical décor as in contemporary layouts.

Elegantly dressing up corners and ceilings, they showcase a room’s space and shapes.

A example of classical décor using fibrous plaster

A example of contemporary décor

The architect and interior architect will choose coherent furniture that matches the form and style of the cornice, which can either be selected from our catalogue of cornices or be created directly as unique, bespoke pieces.

Fibrous plaster elements and objects

both ornamental and decorative

A highly sought-after material for the production of decorative elements, fibrous plaster offers multiple possibilities for brightening up a place’s interior design.

Columns, wall friezes, roses, wall cladding and panels can be tailored to a client’s needs to add an authentic touch to the space and establish a particular ambiance there. Whether the motifs are graphic, floral or textured, these fibrous plaster decorations can fit into any renovation or new build, be it classical or contemporary.

A glimpse at our fibrous plaster projects for interior design

Our ornamental plasterers put their expertise to work for architects by manufacturing interior decorations for prestigious locations. Hotels, restaurants, corporate offices and private homes all use fibrous plaster to renovate and beautify their interiors.

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