Fibrous plaster cornices by Maison Rouveure Marquez

Fibrous plaster cornices are chosen to adorn ceilings for the movement and lines they create. A symbol of refinement, they possess undeniable aesthetic advantages which inject charm into interior spaces.

Backed by ancestral know-how, Maison Rouveure Marquez has devised a series of cornices to beautify your ceilings. Made of fibrous plaster, Rouveure Marquez cornices can accentuate any space. Whether you opt for modern shapes of a more classical spirit, these cornices adhere to the conventions of various architectural styles.


A overview of fibrous plaster cornices from Rouveure Marquez

Drip cornices

Cornices with embedded drips meld curves with geometric graphic design. Drip cornices are amongst those cornices with the most pronounced styles.

Formed of sharp, straight edges, these pieces create shadows at the back, making the volume of the cornice stand out.

Cavetto cornices

Cornices with cavettos have a concave shape that rounds out ceiling lines.

With a smoother finish than drip cornices, cavetto cornices add an antique look to interior design projects.

Illuminated cornices

Illuminated cornices imbue interiors with a cosy atmosphere thanks to the muted lighting that emanates from them.

Contemporary cornices

The clean lines of contemporary cornices magnify a room's linearity.

Frequently designed in the form of stairs, they are stripped of the ostentation and ornamentation of classic fibrous plaster.

Classical cornices

With the possibility of being adorned with ogees, classical cornices often feature cavettos.

With their pronounced style and finishes, they immediately install any space with  a Baroque feel.

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