Fibrous plaster in Leclerc malls

In France, Leclerc shopping malls are the embodiment of the country’s leading retail food chain. Edouard Leclerc opened the first Leclerc shopping centre in 1949, in the town of Landernau, Brittany. In the 1980s, Leclerc created the chains Le Manège à Bijoux (jewellery) and E.Leclerc Voyages (travel), as well as its first petrol stations.

Today, Leclerc malls feature large shopping arcades containing a multitude of different shops. During the renovation of those locations, our ornamental plasterers incorporate fibrous plaster into acoustic ceilings and decorative elements.

A look at our projects in Leclerc malls

Fibrous plaster & Mono® Acoustic

for sound insulation and aesthetics in the renovation of shopping centres.

Fibrous plaster is particularly popular for its acoustic properties when used in establishments that are open to the public and/or that have dense foot traffic.

Rockfon Mono® Acoustic has become a must when it comes to renovating large space and creates undeniably appealing linearity which is highly appreciated for the way it showcases lighting elements.

Shopping arcades at Leclerc Atlantis

Our ornamental plasterers worked on the reorganization of the shopping arcades at the Leclerc Atlantis mall.

This large-scale project was orchestrated by the architectural firm Agence Lameynardie.

The goal of that reorganization was to create welcoming shopping arcades in a relaxed, bright atmosphere.

As part of the renovation, our teams employed fibrous plaster to make the ceilings for the shopping arcades. As a matter of fact, it is the ideal material for highlighting the shops whilst playing with perspective. In addition, its whiteness reflects natural light, which in turn accentuates the sense of brightness and space. It is also possible to incorporate sources of artificial light directly into the fibrous plaster pieces and the Mono® Acoustic spray-on renders.

Leclerc Bourg-en-Bresse shopping mall

For this renovation of shopping arcades, we produced no fewer than 6,000 m² of fibrous plaster pieces.

Acoustic ceilings, decorations, wall cladding and more: the shopping arcades were designed from top to bottom by the architectural firm Agence Lameynardie.

Our ornamental plasterers emphasized the longs hallways of the shopping arcades thanks to the installation of acoustic ceilings made of white fibrous plaster and fitted with lighting gorges. The lack of demarcation prolongs the impression de fluidity and accentuates the design of the shapes made of smooth fibrous plaster.

The inclusion of lighting gorges in the ceilings creates additional light sources and accentuates perspectives.

A renovation which accounted for mechanical, fire prevention and soundproofing constraints.

Leclerc Guérande shopping mall

Our teams of ornamental plasterers worked on the project to extend the shopping arcades at the Leclerc Guérande Côte et Mer mall.

Production and installation of acoustic ceilings and cornices made of fibrous plaster for these areas which experience heavy foot traffic. The rounded, soaring fibrous plaster shapes lend a touch of modernity and design to spacious hallways.

The acoustic ceilings were bedecked with spotlights to supplement the openings created to let natural light into the area.

Our ornamental plasterers also made logoed elements to dress up the long hallways in these shopping arcades.

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