Hotel renovations and fibrous plaster

Fibrous plaster is frequently used when renovating prestigious locations like hotels. Thanks to its many technical and aesthetic strengths, this material makes it possible to create bespoke décor designed to show off the existing architecture.

Dubbed the “new white gold” by the magazine Elle Décoration, fibrous plaster is the material which architects and decorators are snatching up in order to revamp interior décors and push the limits of creativity. 

Our teams of ornamental plasterers manufacture the decorative elements before they are installed in hotels across all of France and abroad.

A look at how fibrous plaster is used in hotel renovations

Hotel renovations and the charm of the old

When renovating hotels, renowned architects are asked to refurbish locations steeped in history and buildings which represent an impressive heritage. At that point, some choose to establish a new architectural style while others prefer torestore the old structure.

Our ornamental plasterers worked on the monumental conversion of the Hôtel-Dieu, most particularly on its bar Le Dôme, where they restored the mouldings adorning the ceiling. Because we use bespoke moulds in our studios, our teams are able to create perfect replicas of the most meticulously crafted decorative elements.

As part of the renovation of Le Couvent des Minimes Hotel, Atelier Pascal Borde decided to preserve the existing architecture whilst adding a touch of modernity in the form of its lighting layout.

Our teams produced ceilings with ribbed groin vaults to enhance the old ceilings. In the interest of perfect alignment with the décor, our ornamental plasterers also built an openwork bar made of fibrous plaster which highlights the charm of the old.

Fibrous plaster textures in hotel renovations

It is not uncommon to find imitations of natural textures in renovations of prestigious hotels. Veritable feats of technical prowess, fibrous plaster textures make it possible to aesthetically confuse materials like wood, stone, brick and more.

The use of different textures in interior design can recall natural elements and endow the space with a specific atmosphere.

During construction of Kopster Hotel, the architects François Dumas and Eric Boyer imagined a décor full of colours and textures.

Mimicking natural elements like stone and wood is a nod to both the Alps on the one hand and exoticism on the other, and lends a touch of modernity to the overall décor.

Fibrous plaster textures were also incorporated into the décor at the iconic Airelles hotel Mademoiselle in Megève, to reflect the authenticity of the architecture of the Savoy.

The spa’s ceiling was made by our teams using faux wood beams in reference to mountain chalets. They add a sense of warmth and friendliness to the luxurious venue.

Decorative fibrous plaster elements in hotel renovations

Thanks to its great malleability, fibrous plaster is a terrific material for designing all kinds of decorative elements such as columns, wall cladding and decorative ornaments.

When building the Four Seasons Hotel in Megève, fibrous plaster was a fitting choice for ceiling decorations in the indoor pool area but also for undulating wall cladding in the hallways leading to the spa. A facing with flowing waves sets the tone for the thread of light running through this unique space.

Many hotels use columns to organize their lobbies, or reception areas, which have become the new living spaces at those establishments.

In the lobby of the Club Med Resort in Valmorel, you can see columns in the form of tree trunks, made by our team of ornamental plasterers.

This décor creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

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