Fibrous plaster cornices

Cornices made of fibrous plaster are indisputable decorative elements for the adornment of ceilings in home or prestigious locations. The multitude of available motifs can add a sense of movement but also linearity to a room.

Luxurious and refined, cornices make for ideal decorations, adding a touch of cachet and nobility to a building. Thanks to our ancestral know-how, Maison Rouveure Marquez creates the designs devised by architects and decorators.

A glimpse at our projects involving fibrous plaster cornices

Restoration of fibrous plaster cornices

Thanks to the tremendous malleability of fibrous plaster and the production of bespoke moulds, our ornamental plasterers are brought in to refurbish old cornices.

The production of bespoke moulds allows our teams to restore old cornices which have been damaged over time. The original cornice is used as the base for the mould, ensuring that the pattern is replicated down to the last detail.

This method aims to restore the original forms so as not to lose them, because some cornices motifs are symbols of architectural periods of historical importance.

Reproduction of cornices

For technical reasons, the destruction of the cornices present on site is unavoidable in certain renovation projects. However, the architects, decorators or even the owners of the property may want to preserve them in order to ensure that the building’s architectural style lives on.

In some situations, the ornamentation cannot be removed without being destroyed. In those instances, our teams of ornamental plasterers take an imprint (or “stamp”) of the cornice, directly on site. A mould of the original cornice is then created so it can be reproduced in our studio.

When stamps are used, the cornices are typically reproduced from a silicone mould, which provides suppleness and stability, especially for imprints taken directly on ceilings.

Production of bespoke cornices

Our ornamental plasterers put their expertise to work for architects, decorators and private individuals, producing bespoke cornices made of fibrous plaster.

Maison Rouveure Marquez also offers a catalogue of bespoke cornices, each of them designed with care. From contemporary shapes to the most classic forms, the mere presence of cornices can dress up any ceiling.

Our bespoke cornices do however adhere to the conventions of the major architectural styles.

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