Fibrous plaster in décor

Fibrous plaster is an ancestral material yet one of the latest trends in terms of layouts and interior décor. It’s used everywhere from furniture to ceilings, by way of accessories.

Materials experts, architects, designers and decorators are all seizing on it to devise extraordinary, refined décor.

Thanks to its great malleability, fibrous plaster can push the limits of creativity and design. Appearing in many prestigious locations, fibrous plaster was recently featured in the French version of the magazine Elle Decoration.

Fibrous plaster, the trendy material…

…making headlines in Elle Décoration!

A trendy material revered by fashionable designers, offering an unlimited array of architectural options: fibrous plaster is all the rage! Elle Décoration took up the subject in two of its most recent special editions, Autumn-Winter 2020 and January 2021.
“Between textured rendering, brushed whitewash, whimsical fibrous plaster, finely crafted plaster and more, décor is showing its true nature.”

“Whimsy and splendor: the revival of fibrous plaster”

Made of a mix of plaster of Paris and plant fibre, fibrous plaster is frequently used to make roses, cornices and mouldings.

But more and more decorators and architects these days are putting it to completely different use. They want to showcase its architectural and ornamental advantages in bold projects.

Used in geometric motifs, textured surfaces and sculpted objects, fibrous plaster can bend to any requirement and is an excellent fit for any interior layout and décor project.

Fibrous plaster pieces are manufactured and sculpted from zinc templates or silicone moulds, allowing them to take on multiple looks, shapes and textures.

“Fibrous plaster provides a neutral base which can be imbued with the desired power.”

Laura Gonzalez I Elle Décoration I SE no. 6

A place for classical style in contemporary projects

“Fibrous plaster struts its stuff, in classical mouldings for believers in ornamentation or textured panels for fans of modernity.”

Elle décoration I SE n0 6

“Art and materials”

Fibrous plaster can be confused with materials like wood, rough stone or brick thanks to texture imitations and amazingly realistic materials. 

Fibrous plaster is sturdy and not affected temperature fluctuations, so it can be employed just as easily in spas as in hotel receptions.

Modernity with an air of sculpture

Infinitely malleable fibrous plaster can be used to create depth, adding an aesthetic touch by means of 3D techniques. 

In the form of origami, graphic columns or drapes, fibrous plaster brings modernity and design to any classical décor.

“A décor is softened when caressed by plaster and lime.”
Elle décoration I SE no.6

Clean designs and enhanced lighting

Endowing ceilings with monolithic forms and ornamentations with fluid waves, fibrous plaster can also incorporate lighting suited to each element.

Illuminated cornices, lighting gorges, contemporary barrel ceilings, and more: a multitude of attractive solutions are available to create an innovative or cosy ambiance.

for bespoke layouts

Want to inject a hint of modernity through gossamer forms? Fibrous plaster makes it possible to concoct layout solutions with immaculate surfaces. Its very designer whiteness reinforces the modern side of the décor and improves the diffusion of natural light.

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