Hanging lights and roses to decorate ceilings

Ceiling ornamentation is everywhere in interior décor. As testimonials to major architectural trends, these meticulously crafted elements establish a special atmosphere, full of elegance and refinement. In olden days, the presence of decorations in a home was indicative of a degree of nobility.

Detailed and refined, roses are terrific adornments for rooms with high ceilings. They are real architectural symbols, that architects and decorators do not hesitate to employ when renovating prestigious venues and noble residences.

A quick look at our range of fibrous plaster roses and hanging lights

Hanging lights and roses in architecture

Roses first appeared in France in the 17th century, at a time when the main source of light in any home came from candles. In those days, candles were placed on tables and other furniture but also on chandeliers.

Roses served to protect the ceilings from any direct contact with flames from those candles. The first ceiling roses were made of wood. These were later replaced by roses made of fibrous plaster, a material that was safer, more malleable and easier to apply. Large-scale events and fires inspired the more widespread use of fibrous plaster roses.

Nowadays, fibrous plaster roses enjoy a place of choice in interior design. Architects do not hesitate to employ them in order to add a touch of refinement and an authentic cachet to prestigious venues and homes.

Choosing the right roses and hanging lights

The ultimate in refined decorative elements, the purpose of roses is to redefine a ceiling’s structure and show off your chandeliers and other hanging lights to their best advantage.

When choosing a rose, it is important to respect the balance of the room. The choice of diameter should depend on the room’s total volume, ceiling height and floor space. If the rose has too large a diameter or is too busy, the impression it creates will be overwhelming.

Circular in shape, ceiling roses can be enhanced by floral ornamentation.

Solid, round ceiling roses provide added cachet and texture to any room where they are on display.

Smaller rosettes surrounded by moulded floral trim lend an impression of airy space to a ceiling.

Examples of hanging lights and roses by Rouveure Marquez

Our ornamental plasterers’ application of ancestral know-how allows us to produce bespoke roses and hanging lights. Fibrous plaster is the ideal material for making roses for ceiling decorations. In fact, it enables extremely precise work filled with details like floral motifs and foliage.

Please don’t hesitate to enlist our specialists to assist you with the creation of roses to decorate your ceilings.
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