Let’s meet at the Worldskills competition at Eurexpo

Maison Rouveure Marquez will be in attendance for the WorldSkills National Finals in Lyon on 14 January 2022. A global event showcasing this artistic building skill…

The International Cultural Heritage Fair

The International Cultural Heritage Fair: the key event for French craftsmanship, heritage and expertise, for professionals and the general public.

Sound insulation with fibrous plaster

Fibrous plaster is an attractive solution for reducing noise. A look at the sound insulation provided by fibrous plaster in shopping arcades and museums.

Installation of Rockfon Mono® Acoustic ceilings

To guarantee their durability and the quality of their sound absorption, Rockfon Mono® Acoustic ceilings should always be installed by a certified installer

Statues and other decorative elements made of fibrous plaster

Gargoyles, statues and other decorative elements occupy a central role in architecture, whether positioned indoors or on a façade.

Columns in contemporary architecture

Columns made of fibrous plaster are increasingly employed in contemporary architecture. In hotels, they help to enhance the luxuriousness of different spaces.

Fibrous plaster and Mono acoustic in shopping arcades

Shopping arcades are places of dense foot traffic and pervasive agitation. Fibrous plaster and Mono® Acoustic can add a touch of modernity and reduce ambient noise.

Mashrabiya spirit using fibrous plaster

An oriental and suave style, traditional or modern through the architectural decoration of Moucharabieh style. An exotic spirit realized in staff

Ceiling decorations made of fibrous plaster

Round or linear, with or without ornamentation, fibrous plaster decorations enable the creation of ceilings with atypical and/or contemporary decorations.

Different types of mouldings

Moulds are frequently used to work fibrous plaster to produce the desired forms. Each project calls for a different mould…