Painter/decorator Marc Begon

and Maison Rouveure Marquez

Maison Rouveure Marquez puts its expertise to work for architects building or renovating prestigious locations and noble residences. As a result, fibrous plaster elements adorn the interiors of hotels, restaurants, public places and private homes.

Maison Rouveure Marquez has collaborated with decorator Marc Begon of Begon Deco on multiple occasions, for projects as luxurious as they were unique. This specialist in heritage restorations uses his talent to show off the interior décor of the locations on which he works.

A glimpse at some of our collaborations with Marc Begon

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Saint-Bernard chapel

au Refuge de la Traye

in Méribel-les-Allues (France)

Saint-Bernard Chapel, an intimate setting on the slopes of the mountains of Savoy, has been given a makeover.

During that renovation, our ornamental plasterers produced bespoke Solomonic columns made of fibrous plaster which were perfectly set off by Marc Begon’s artistry.

A magnificent frieze with leafy motifs now bedecks the walls of this small chapel as well as the faux marble on the columns’ bases.

Chapelle du Refuge de la Traye avec frise murale et effet faux marbre sur les soubassement des colonnes par Begon Deco et Rouveure Marquez

Private property

in Marennes (France)

Plafond en staff fabriqué par Rouveure Marquez pour une propriété privée

A classical, Baroque ambiance for a private property in the outer suburbs of Lyon. All of the fibrous plaster interior decorations were designed by the homeowner herself.

The ornamental plasterers at Maison Rouveure Marquez put their ancestral know-how to work to produce and install classical trimmings made of fibrous plaster.

And the cornices, roses, vaulted ceilings and pilasters have only been enhanced by the skilful brushstrokes of Marc Begon. The gilding in the bespoke dressing room reflects the refinement of the décor.

Le caveau du Château Guigal

in Ampuis (France)

After a year of work, this new wine institution offers visitors a museum, a shop and a tasting area in a tree-lined park.

The place was designed by the Lyon-based architectural firm Virot, as a tribute to the professions involved in winemaking and cooperage (barrel-making).

Our ornamental plasterers crafted contemporary lighting gorges made of fibrous plaster, with integrated spotlights in the shop and tasting room. They also created the window frames out of fibrous plaster. Decorator Marc Begon festooned those elements with fibrous plaster featuring an aged bronze look.

Gorges lumineuses dans le caveau du Château Guigal en staff peintes en effet bronze vieilli par Begon Deco et fabriquées par Rouveure Marquez

Secondary villa

in Gassin (France)

Not far from Saint-Tropez, this second home featuring a designer interior came from the imagination of architect Jean-Christophe Virot.

Our teams are proud to have participated in creating the luxurious atmosphere in this villa thanks to the production of fibrous plaster decorationsCeilings with built-in cornices and lighting gorges in the lounge, plus vaulted ceilings and nichesmade of fibrous plaster in the spa.

Manufactured out of fibrous plaster, the staircase railings were trimmed by the painter and decorator Marc Begon, using a brushed bronze effect.

Effet bronze brossé réalisé par Marc Begon sur des rambardes en staff fabriquées par Rouveure Marquez

Other projects in partnership with Begon Deco worth discovering…

Projet en cours plafonds imitation bambou en staff par Rouveure Marquez

Faux bamboo fibrous plaster at a restaurant in Lyon

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