Incorporating lighting into fibrous plaster creations

When building or renovating a location, it is important to think about lighting systems. Lights can showcase different elements, such as wall decorations, the size of the space or various products. Professionals and private individuals alike give special attention to their interior lighting choices.

The whiteness of fibrous plaster enhances luminosity in and of itself, but it can also be supplemented by lighting in order to accentuate your interior or your decorative elements.

Some examples of fibrous plaster decorations incorporating lighting elements.

Decorative lighting elements

Just like lighting, decorative elements contribute to a space’s interior design. Although decorations made of fibrous plaster may be enough on their own, they can also be enhanced by a system like lighting gorges to show them off to their best advantage.

Incorporating lights into decorative elements can endow them with a sense of grandeur or play with perspective.

It is also possible to fashion lighting elements directly out of fibrous plaster, such as appliqué wall lamps.

Cylindre avec gorges lumineuses pour la décoration d'un restaurant par Rouveure Marquez

Fibrous plaster ceilings and lighting

Manufacturing or renovating a ceiling always requires some thought about the lighting that will go with it. Fibrous plaster ceilings allow for the use of unusual ceiling decorations, accentuated by the integration of LED lights, spotlights and appliqués.

The whiteness of fibrous plaster provides for a unique diffusion of artificial light.

An example at Artdenteck’s laboratory, involving the installation of an LED system with changing colours controlled by the lab. 

An innovative layout that melds fibrous plaster with artificial lighting to form the heart of the new aesthetic.

Plafond avec système d'éclairage par leds et système de couleurs dans un laboratoire dentaire par Rouveure Marquez
Plafond en staff avec gorges lumineuses dorées pour une décoration dans une villa secondaire par Rouveure Marquez
Plafond avec motifs lumineux pour une salle de conférence par Rouveure Marquez

Illuminated cornices

Indirect lighting can be embedded in illuminated cornices, creating real decorative value. When combined with the whiteness of fibrous plaster, indirect lights can draw attention to cornices both classical and contemporary.

Lighting can establish a cosy or muted atmosphere, instilling the space with a unique ambiance.

In restaurants, lobbies and shops, illuminated cornices offer the possibility of creating unexpected staging that is as intimateas it is modern.

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