Choose bespoke staircases made of fibrous plaster

Staircases are a focal point for interior design, in both new builds and renovations. Their shapes are dependent on the available space in particular but also on the desired aesthetics.

Their placement in a corner, the middle of a room or to one side will change the whole look and feel of the place. In addition, staircases are not only useful but also represent a technical choice in favour of user comfort.

Discover our fibrous plaster staircases

Different types of staircases

Straight staircases

Straight staircases are the most conventional form of stairs found in interior design projects.

Although easy to calculate and implement, they still take up a lot of space if you want stairs which are not too steep.

Spiral staircases

Spiral staircases belong to the family of circular staircases. Primarily chosen for their rather unconventional form, spiral staircases require no wall support.

Despite their bulky structure, they are amongst the various space-saving staircases.

Decorative staircases

Decorative staircases tend to features imposing forms and can be found in the middles of large rooms. In this case, the stairs become a central component of the interior décor.

These decorative staircases offer real aesthetic appeal and are true works of technical prowess in terms of their structure.

Dog leg staircases

Dog leg staircases can be straight with a landing or have winding quarters with no landing. Like spiral staircases, they are chosen in order to optimize space.

The balancing of this shape of staircase enhances user comfort and is a real asset when it comes to tight layouts.

Why should you opt for a staircase made of fibrous plaster?

For its technical advantages

Real feats of technical prowess, fibrous plaster staircases demand a great mastery of the associated skill sets. Fibrous plaster can be used to create structures in rather unconventional shapes. As a result, fibrous plaster staircases allow free rein for the design of unique, modern bespoke solutions.

For their aesthetics

In conjunction with the technical aspects, fibrous plaster staircases are attractive solutions for interior layouts. Their smooth and flawlessly white finish, combined with a metal frame, made them a real asset in contemporary décor. The railing, handrail or banister can be painted to further enhance the luminosity. And the material’s ability to imitate different textures can be used to build faux wood spiral staircases that look astonishingly like the original.

For their safety

Known for its tremendous malleability when producing a piece, fibrous plaster is also extremely sturdy and durable once the creation is complete. And the fire-stopping properties of fibrous plaster further guarantee its safety.

Some examples of fibrous plaster staircases

Decorative staircases

Fibrous plaster sub-steps decorating the ceiling in perfect symmetrical mirror of the straight staircase, for the superb rehabilitation of Caveau du Château Guigal.

Railing and handrail made of fibrous plaster

Construction of four storeys of handrails and railings made of fibrous plaster, attached to a steel frame with fibrous plaster cladding and faux wood decorative paint.

Stair cladding made of fibrous plaster on an existing metal spiral staircase.

Soffits et fibrous plaster stringers

Construction of a bespoke metal staircase to accommodate spiral stair soffits (under-surfaces) made of fibrous plaster.

Stringer made of fibrous plaster on an existing wooden structure, at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Dijon.

Bespoke creation

To craft a staircase in fibrous plaster, our teams take an imprint of the existing staircase or have a steel frame built in order to create a custom mould. They then do multiple runs until the piece takes on a smooth finish.

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