Different types of mouldings

Moulds are frequently used to work fibrous plaster to produce the desired forms. Each project calls for a different mould…

Classic fibrous plaster and contemporary fibrous plaster

Classic fibrous plaster and contemporary fibrous plaster display know-how common to two distinct artistic periods. A material for restoring or creating…

Refurbishment of Le Couvent des Minimes

Refurbishment of Le Couvent des Minimes in Mane. A former convent turned luxury hotel with spa, through a refurbishment brimming with history…

Six architectural origami projects

Origami architecture is a great solution for a unique, modern designer building. Construction with depth to give a sense of movement…

Technical benefits of fibrous plaster

Discover the technical benefits of fibrous plaster. Increasingly present in interior décor, fibrous plaster can be adapted to any style of architecture.

Forms made of fibrous plaster

Shapes made of fibrous plaster to push the limits in terms of creativity. Waves, alcoves and more: discover the full range of possibilities afforded by staff

(Re)birth of the Mademoiselle hotel, Airelles

A look at the (re)birth of the Mademoiselle hotel, in the heart of Val-d’Isère. Architecture at the base of the slopes, inspired by the Middle Ages.

Top 3 most spectacular before and after looks

A look at the most spectacular before and after pictures of plaster projects carried out by Maison Rouveure Marquez.

Archi in Stars 2020 by DomoDeco

This is the second edition of the competition run by DomoDeco, that aims to promote the next generation of interior architects in and around Lyon.

Texture imitations made of fibrous plaster

Different textures that can be created with fibrous plaster for atypical, technical projects. Between faux brick, wood and stone, fibrous plaster is a material which offers vast possibilities.