Different shapes for fibrous plaster

Fibrous plaster is a material made from plaster and plant fibres (sisal, jute or silicone).

It is used by ornamental plasterers to produce decorative pieces from architects’ drawings. Owing to its composition, the material is supple, making it possible to push the limits in terms of décor.

Fibrous plaster, a limitless material

Fibrous plaster is highly popular for the creation of ornamentation, as a result of its watertightness and its fire stopping treatment. Thanks to its suppleness, ornamental plasterers can create cornices and mouldings with astonishingly precise details.

Because of its many advantages, it can create a variety of shapes, like round columns. Fibrous plaster is also used to produce ceiling ornamentation, reproduce statues and manufacture furniture for extraordinary sites.

Fibrous plaster in circular form

Starting out supple and then stiffening, fibrous plaster can be used to create impressive shapes, such as alcoves.

Fibrous plaster alcove – Cœur de Megève 

Fibrous plaster columns – Villa Maïa

Intricate shapes made of fibrous plaster

Fibrous plaster is used to produce a variety of forms, including ornamentation for mouldings and cornices.

Fibrous plaster dome – Château Irlande

Ceiling mouldings – Résidence Lyonnaise

Fibrous plaster waves

Fibrous plaster is a watertight material suitable for use in ornamentation for wet areas like swimming pools and spas. Waves are amongst the shapes that can be formed by the suppleness of fibrous plaster. The waves can be spaced out at greater or lesser intervals, depending on the desired look.

Spa hallway – Four Seasons

Fibrous plaster origami

Inspired by the Japanese folding art, the architectural spirit of origami is highly appreciated in modern, atypical design worlds. Fibrous plaster can be used to create depth, offering an attractive, technical 3D solution.

Wall cladding and acoustic ceilings – Implid

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