A look at an extraordinary renovation

Formerly the hotel Le Brussel’s, acquired by Séverine Pétilaire-Bellet, the Mademoiselle was inaugurated after many long months of work.

A luxury establishment located in the heart of Val-d’Isère, at the base of the slopes, its architecture pays tribute to the most gorgeous Alpine homes of yesteryear. The Mademoiselle, a new jewel in the collection of Airelles Extraordinary Hotels and Houses, a hotel chain created by Stéphane Courbit: join us in taking a look at this grandiose universe.

An extraordinary location featuring an exclusive concept

The 5-star hotel is set up in a building created more than 60 years ago, with atypical architecture inspired by mediaeval times and the history and heritage of Savoy. Its architecture is in no way a reproduction of the aesthetics of today’s mountain chalets. This difference allows the Mademoiselle to be noticed and immediately recognizable thanks to the wood and stone decorating its façades.

The Mademoiselle is the only hotel at the Val-d’Isère resort to offer a ski-in, ski-out concept. Bordered by the snowfront on one side and by Place des Neiges on the other, it enjoys a fantastic location at the foot of the slopes.

« Following in the footsteps of Airelles in Courchevel, the Mademoiselle will help to promote the local lifestyle, with elegance, generosity, kindness and of course service as the watchwords.» (Séverine Pétilaire-Bellet)

The elegance of the old and the modernity of the new inside the Mademoiselle

We owe this amazing combination to interior architect and designer Christophe Tollemer. The creator of the immersive atmospheres at two other establishments in the Airelles Extraordinary Hotels and Houses collection, La Bastide in Gordes and Les Airelles in Courchevel, he shares a new experience of interior design with us. The soul of the site was preserved in the monumental wooden staircase, as well as the chimneys and ceilings with their exposed beams.

Mediaeval chic down to the choice of materials

Nothing was left to chance in this renovation, whose three key values were wood, stone and plaster. The materials were carefully selected to ensure that authenticity was maintained.

Rough-sawn hardwood flooring in the rooms gives guests the impression of travelling back in time. More than 4,000 vintage elements were hunted down for a complete immersion into the era, down to the last detail.

The Mademoiselle is entirely inhabited by historical references, beginning with Aime-la-Plagne’s Montmayeur Tower.

“Our work consisted of mixing history with modernity and designing the hotel like a grand home which has stood the test of time.” Christophe Tollemer

With its deep roots in the region, the Mademoiselle in Val-d’Isère brought in the best local craftsmen on this authentic project. Since then, Indigo Diffusion, Annecy’s upholsterer and fabric designer, has produced unique pieces for the Mademoiselle: curtains, headboards and handmade period fabric, assembled and fitted in its studios. The know-how and experience needed to re-create the authentic history of the site.

An experience outside of time at the Mademoiselle

The grandiose world of the Mademoiselle is a luxurious as it is warm, with 41 rooms including nine suites and five private apartments ranging from one to four bedrooms, with a dedicated butler.

The perfect balance between intimate luxury and grand spaces for a unique experience of the mountain lifestyle.

The Guerlain Spa gives the illusion of being carved into the rock, with its immense pool lined with arcades and its natural juice bar reminiscent of a market stall. Emblematic house fragrances are displayed in an 18th century oak dresser decorated with sculpted bas-reliefs.

The wellness centre also offers:

  • A 20 metre swimming pool, directly inspired by mediaeval wash houses
  • A spa area with a hot tub, Turkish bath, sauna, sensory showers and Guerlain rituals.

The relaxation room is fitted with large sleighs in lieu of beds.

Contribution from Maison Rouveure Marquez

Rouveure Marquez is proud to have participated in this reconstruction, rooted in the authenticity of the Middle Ages and Savoy.

Our teams of ornamental plasterers formed faux wood beams made of plaster and installed the ceilings in the sumptuous Guerlain Spa.

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