Decorative fibrous plaster ornamentation

Refined, elegant and meticulously crafted, with floral or geometric motifs, decorative ornamentation made of fibrous plaster can be used to dress up ceilings and walls, instilling any space with a particular architectural style.

Cornices, wall friezes and hanging lights bedecked with fibrous plaster elements are wonderful finishing touches for the interior design of prestigious structures, including homes, hotels and luxury spas.

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Ornamentation for hanging lights

Ornamentation for hanging lights hearkens back to an era when nobility was synonymous with refinement. Roses and rosettes can add volume and movement to a ceiling but also to a whole room. The ultimate decorative ceiling trim, they accentuate your chandeliers and other hanging lights whilst imbuing your interior with an authentic architectural style.

To ensure that the overall effect is not oppressive, you should match the size of your hanging lights to the size of your room.

There are different styles of hanging lights made with fibrous plaster for the interior design of your various spaces, depending on the architectural effect you want to create.

An example form Maison Rouveure Marquez

Ornamentation for cornices

Fibrous plaster cornices are traditional forms of decorative trim and are frequently featured in interior design. Their shapes establish continuity between the walls and the ceiling that, in turn, helps to create a sense of space.

Whether or not they are paired with a wall frieze, the mere presence of cornices suffuses rooms with a noble, refined atmosphere. The ultimate decorative elements, with their repeating graphic or floral patterns, they can impart authentic cachet to any décor.

A corniches ornementation is further embellissez when illuminante by a lighting gorge.

An exemple from Maison Rouveure Marquez

Ornamentation for wall friezes

As complements to cornices, wall friezes  serve to dress up ceilings. A true testimonial to ancestral know-how, wall friezes come in a wide variety of motifs so you can always find one that will be cohesive with your architectural style.

Finely and meticulously worked, wall frieze motifs tend to be inspired by classical architecture, particularly as concernsmotifs of flowers and foliage. And nowadays, it is not uncommon to see wall friezes adorned with geometric or graphic motifs in contemporary homes.

An example from Maison Rouveure Marquez

Ornamentation for wall cladding

When people want to adorn their walls to match them to their interior design, they typically think of wall cladding, but that is not the only solution. Decorative wall ornamentation is a terrific alternative.


This ornamentation often takes the form of a medallion. Medallions are bas-relief or painted sculptures that are inserted into a circular or oval cartouche.

Medallions are used to display a portrait, the specific attributes of a trade or, in some cases, a commemorative scenefrom a particular event.

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