Different textures of fibrous plaster

Fibrous plaster is a material which comprises moulding plaster reinforced by jute, sisal or silicone (milled glass) fibre.

This very old material, also known as “plaster of Paris”, is made up of 90% pure materials. Ornamental plasterers use it to create all types of decorations, cornices and mouldings, but also architectural pieces inspired by the architecture itself.

Fibrous plaster, material sought after for its many qualities

Thanks to its countless advantages, fibrous plaster has become a must in building work, for architecture that is as diverse as it is luxurious. Malleable into any shape before it dries and stiffens, fibrous plaster can be utilized to create a wide variety of textures.



Thermal insulating

Wattertight and fire stopping

Fibrous plaster, a material with unlimited possibilities

Over and above its multiple uses for decorative elements, thanks to the material’s suppleness, fibrous plaster can create imitations of materials and impressively realistic textures.

Because of its many benefits, it can be utilized to aesthetically replace materials like wood, stone and brick, while taking full advantage of its technical performance.


Faux wood

Light tree – Agence Club Med

Fibrous plaster columns – Villa Maïa

Faux brick

Fibrous plaster ceiling – restaurant SteakHouse

Faux stone

Counter and wall cladding – Kopster Hôtel

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