A look at a renovation full of history

Formerly the Clos Joly belonging to the Demoiselles Joly, then acquired by the Guigal family in the 1980s, the Caveau du Château Guigal was inaugurated at the beginning of 2020, after more than a year of work.

Set out in an old building from the 1890s, this wine institution located in Ampuis, in the heart of the Côte-Rôtie wine region, is a tribute to the professions of winemakers and coopers. The Caveau du Château Guigal has become the flagship location for the Maison Guigal and the wine industry. Let’s take a look at this spectacular transformation.

An expansive property

Located in Ampuis, France

The Guigal family focuses its main commitments on the land, which gives its wines their quality and flavour. The family history of the Guigal estate is one of shared knowledge relating to the passion that has motivated them from one generation to the next.

In the summer of 2008, the Guigal vineyard began making its own barrels for its wines. This speciality endows the vineyard with additional technical proficiency and a unique status, over and above its reputation.

Through this place brimming with history, the Guigal family wants to share its attachment to its land and to the heritage of the Rhône Valley, which witnessed the emergences of some of the biggest names in winemaking.

The Caveau du Château offers an unparalleled experience in the field of wine.

Sharing, knowledge and passion for wine

This building spanning 500 square metres was converted into a tasting cellar to showcase the authenticity and the terroir of wine.

It is divided into three storeys dedicated to wine tourism:

  • A shop and tasting room
  • A museum space
  • A function room (for seminars and events).

Under this 20th century building, no fewer than 40 years worth of collections of ancient objects are on display in the museum. More than 700 pieces from the fields of vineyards, wine and cooperage are exhibited in 170 square metres of cellars in this emblematic structure.

A experience outside of time at the Caveau du Château Guigal

The Caveau du Château Guigal has a space wholly dedicated to wine tasting.

During tours of the cellar, visitors have the option to sample wines from the different blocks of the Guigal vineyard.

These tastings can be either “spontaneous” or “planned”.

Theme tastings are also arranged in a private area for a special, friendly time. The tastings blend entertainment with education and allow visitors to discover different grape varieties used by the same AOC.

In addition to these tastings, you can tour the vineyard’s cellars, learning about the know-how and the values of Château Guigal.

The property also offers tours of its Côte-Rôtie blocks of grapevines, where you can meet the men and women engaged in this extraordinary winegrowing process.

Contribution from Maison Rouveure Marquez

The ornamental plasterers at Rouveure Marquez are proud to have participated in the construction of this extraordinary cellar. Ancestral know-how was put to use to produce vaulted ceilings out of fibrous plaster and to install a Mono Acoustic ceiling.

The staircase spandrels are clad in white fibrous plaster, yielding astonishing perspectives.  Light gorges made of fibrous plaster with built-in lighting was manufactured and installed in the shop at the Caveau du Château.

Maison Rouveure Marquez also participated in the development of the Museum space.

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