A look back at a year marked by fibrous plaster for interior design

2023 was the year of renovation for luxury boutiques, high-end shops and extraordinary homes. The avant-garde projects for which architects devised layouts that were as unusual as they were elegant really showcased fibrous plaster, a material that opens up a multitude of possibilities.

Our creations provided a new perspective on different locations with a dual image: a shop that became a dreamlike space, hotel rooms that turned into enchanting cocoons, a restaurant that was transformed into a meeting place, and more…

A glimpse at some of our ornamental plasterers’ achievements in 2023

Unique, bespoke series of creations

Fibrous plaster snowflakes at Les Arcs

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Les Arcs (Arc 1600, Arc 1800 and Arc 2000) is a ski resort located in Bourg-Saint-Maurice, that encompasses the Village des Villards.

Our ornamental plasterers crafted decorations covering more than 200 m², made up of a series of fibrous plaster snowflakes. The gigantic project drew on our team’s expertise, in terms of both their attention to detail during production and the need to handle a large surface area.

The result was spectacular, filling us with the snowy world of Savoy.

Fibrous plaster mirror at Capelongue Hotel

Création en atelier d'un encadrement de miroir aux angles arrondis

Capelongue Hotel is part of the prestigious Beaumier Hotels group. Perched on high in the bucolic village of Bonnieux, in the gorgeous Luberon region, this 5-star establishment has its own restaurant and spa.

Led by the elegant firm Jaune Architecture, the interior renovation of this hotel included magnificent bespoke mirrors with precise curves and a frame made of immaculate, white fibrous plaster.

A series that contributes to the mild warmth of Provence, as conveyed by Capelongue Hotel’s interior décor!

Ceiling decorations enhanced by fibrous plaster

Casino Anemasse, modernized by illuminated cornices

Nouveau bâtiment du Casino d'animasse rénové par Grisan Architectes

© Grisan Architecture

Plafond vouté intérieur du casino d'Anemasse

© Casino d’Anemasse

Located in the Haute-Savoie department, near the Swiss border, Casino Partouche Anemasse recently underwent its first renovation work since it opened in 1995.

This major beautification project restored its superb appearance thanks to the architectural modernization of its building, both indoors and out. Grisan Architectes led the renovation of this gambling establishment, whose grand reopening is slated for summer 2024.

Amongst the different craftspeople brought in on this project, our teams produced illuminated cornices and ceiling decorations made of fibrous plaster, to help Casino Anemasse shine like it did in bygone days. A spectacular before & after!

Intérieure du casino d'animasse

© Casino d’Anemasse

Vaulted ceilings at Château de Tanay

Rénovation intérieure du Château de Tanay par Rouveure Marquez

Located for centuries in the village of Saint-Didier-de-Formans, Château de Tanay is a sumptuous fortified castle made of limestone with hewn stone flashing. It has been a private property since 2021, and the new owners decided to undertake major restoration work to make it a home.

Moule pour voutes d'arêtes fabriquées en atelier
Plafonds voûtés au Chateau de Tanay

Our ornamental plasterers had the pleasure of contributing to the interior renovation of this mediaeval structure, producing and installing sublime vaulted ceilings – in the form of groin vaults – and decorations enhanced by illuminated cornices.

This wonderful project rooted in the restoration of French heritage will, we hope, live up to the standing of this masterful monument.

Décoration de plafond en cours au Chateau de Tanay
Pose de corniches par nos staffeurs ornemanistes au Chateau de Tanay

Façades for longstanding, modern shops

A brutalist Vieujot plaster façade for Pret A Manger

Facade en vieujot de Pret a Manger installée en angle sur la place de la République à Lyon

The British fast food chain Pret A Manger already had a location in Lyon, across from the opera house. On the strength of its success, it opened a second café/restaurant in 2023, less than a kilometre from the first, on Place de la République.

It is still in the heart of Lyon, but this one was built with an understated, modern façade made of Vieujot plaster created by Maison Rouveure Marquez, under the guidance of Art-Cam Architectures.

Vanessa Bruno’s Haussmann façade

Facade hausmannienne en vieujot de Vanessa Bruno

A few blocks away, on the shopping street Rue du Président Edouard Herriot, one of the most famous French ready-to-wear brands – Vanessa Bruno – has set up shop. Vanessa Bruno.

In a part of Lyon that is teeming with Haussmann buildings and ornamental architecture, Vanessa Bruno chose to stick with that theme.

Inspired by the original building’s adornment, the shopfront features superb pilasters and moulding made of Vieujot plaster.

Made by our plasterers using the technique of stamping, which allowed them to reproduce the front door’s woodwork, the new Vanessa Bruno façade delivers startling visual continuity with the historic building’s original ornamentation.

You can see this magnificent reproduction, from our workshop to the project site, coming soon to our blog!

Also in 2023:

  • Institut Paul Bocuse, transformed into Institut Lyfe at Château de la Roseraie
  • Collaboration with a Portuguese artist on the creation of wall decorations
  • Renovation of a Golden Tulip hotel
  • Fibrous plaster columns for Hermès
  • Continuation and completion of Balmain Spa at the InterContinental in Paris
  • A phantasmagoric interior for Diptyque
  • And the list goes on…

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