Interior design and fibrous plaster

Deciding on the layout of different spaces is an important step when building or renovating a hotel, a restaurant or a home. Architects incorporate fluidity into their interior décor plans in order to imbue the place with a soul. This is a key part of connecting a space to an atmosphere that enhances the architectural style and creates an experience unlike any other.

Frequently used in interior design projects, fibrous plaster – a material with multiple advantages both technical and aesthetic – can be used to make furniture and fixtures in one-of-a-kind shapes and forms. As a result, its only limitation when it comes to creating a unique layout is the architect’s imagination.

Some inspiration for your fibrous plaster interior design projects

Bespoke fibrous plaster furniture and fixtures

Bar counters

Bar counters are friendly places with their own special décor designed to encourage conversation and socializing. In astonishing shapes or with meticulously detailed ornamentation, they are real architectural pieces and the central component of a bar’s décor. Whether they are clad in faux marble or feature an openwork structure, they can create an immersive ambiance for your space.

An example of a fibrous plaster bar at Le Couvent des Minimes Hotel with a mashrabiya spirit to create an impression of lightness and showcase the rounded lines of the vaulted ceilings.

Comptoir de bar aux motifs moucharabiehs dans l'hôtel le Couvent des Minimes
Banque d'accueil imitation pierre dans le hall d'entrée du Kopster hôtel

Welcome desks

A crucial component of any reception area at a hotel, restaurant or company, welcome desks are where the customer experience begins in such locations. They also establish the first impression that clients will have of your hospitality establishment or your company. As a result, a welcome desk should reflect the spirit and the character of the place and live up to its welcoming name.

An example of a welcome desk made of fibrous plaster imitating rough stone, echoing the unconventional décor and African ambiance of Kopster Hotel in Décines, France.


 Fireplaces are considered to be warm decorative elements as a result of the presence of fire in the hearth. Fibrous plaster has fire-stopping properties which make it ideally suited for imagining singular structures that fit perfectly into the surrounding décor and layout. Whether a fireplace is installed in the middle of the room or against a wall, its ornamentationcan be used to show it off in its best light.

Depending on the architect’s inspiration, fibrous plaster fireplaces can adopt a classical style with meticulous mouldings or a more contemporary spirit with geometric shapes.

An example of fireplace ornamentation at a private villa in Marennes, France. This ornamentation was the brainchild of the homeowner, made a reality by our teams.

Cheminée et ornement en staff dans un projet d'aménagement intérieur résidentiel

Structural features made of fibrous plaster

Colonnes imitation tronc d'arbre dans le lobby de l'hôtel Club Med à Valmorel


Columns are the ultimate structural feature, providing spatial orientation to a layout. They are also an ideal solution for showing off a room’s high ceilings. They can be smooth or adorned with graphic motifs or an ancient style of ornamentation, but whatever your choice, they connect the décor to an architectural style and create a natural pathway around them.

An example of fibrous plaster columns in the form of tree trunks manufactured for the layout of a new Club Med hotel in Valmorel, France. This authentic, quietly elegant décor was achieved through the production of sculpted columns.

Dividing walls

Dividing walls can be used to create a separation between two spaces with a fully or partially obstructed field of vision. They are particularly popular in residential and office layouts, as they can adjust a space according to your needs. Dividing walls are decorative elements that can easily be incorporated into any interior décor and design project.

When made of fibrous plaster, they can be enhanced with meticulous ornamentation, like panels with mashrabiya patterns, to create a suave look.

Claustra en staff pour un projet d'aménagement intérieur en Floride

Fibrous plaster lighting fixtures

Spots sur-mesure pour le plafond du lieu de réception le Pavillon de la Soie


Spotlights are particularly appreciated for their ease of placement and can be arranged to emphasize certain aspects of interior décor or design. The whiteness of fibrous plaster, combined with the shape of the spotlights, can diffuse artificial light in spectacular ways. Their positioning can produce delightfully unexpected lighting effects.

An example of bespoke, patterned fibrous plaster spotlight fixtures in ceiling slabs for Le Pavillon de la Soie in Lyon, France.

Appliqué wall lamps

Lighting is an integral part of any interior design project, whether it is for a hotel, a restaurant, a company or a home. Theshapes of the lights help to establish coherence in a place’s décor. Appliqué wall lamps leave the ceilings free and uncluttered and create a cosy atmosphere. The whiteness of the fibrous plaster enhances the diffusion of light from the fixtures inside the room.

An example of an appliqué wall lamp in a classical architectural style at a residential décor project, crowning its fibrous plaster cornices.

Applique murale pour un projet d'aménagement intérieur résidentiel

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