The Comité Bellecour

A French collective founded in 1995, the Comité Bellecour promotes and develops internationally recognized French know-how in the field of luxury crafts.

For decades now, the association has been showcasing French talent in areas relating to French luxury crafts. Over the years, through collaborations and admissions of prestigious members, the Comité Bellecour has managed to promote unique specialities that emphasize the excellence of French artistry and style (l’art et la manière).

Rouveure Marquez, a member of the Comité Bellecour

What is the Comité Bellecour?

logo comité bellecour

The Comité Bellecour is a non-profit organization whose mission it is to promote French crafts both nationally and internationally. 

Its members are companies that specialize in luxury design, crafts and interior layouts, this Lyon-based collective has grown from year to year, from the gastronomic capital of France to the entire country, and from France to the rest of the world.

About 20 of its members specialize in luxury crafts

Thanks to its engagement and its dynamics, the Comité Bellecour has become a key player in the economic and cultural life of the City of Lyon and continues to develop abroad. The Comité Bellecour currently has more than 15 members from the worlds of luxury crafts and interior design and layouts.


The members of the Comité Bellecour come from all over France. Some also have operations abroad, particularly in New York, Dubai and elsewhere in Europe.

They include a bespoke textile creator, a sculptural blacksmith, a hand-cut crystal maker and more, all of them from the world of French luxury crafts.

A new visual identity for the Comité Bellecour

The Comité Bellecour recently unveiled its new visual identity, accompanied by a new, more modern and user-friendly website. This overhaul embodies the organization’s desire to develop and modernize its image.

The Comité Bellecour chose Dizajner, a creative studio based in Lyon, to give its visual identity a makeover.  That new identity is chiefly characterized by clean lines. It has allowed the Comité Bellecour to stand out on the market and reinforce its positioning.

site internet du comité bellecour

The new visual identity is paired with a new website, designed to offer an optimal user experience and simplified access to information for members and visitors. Its navigation was revisited to make information easier and more intuitive to find. Plus, its design is perfectly in line with the new visual identity’s graphic charter.

In recent news: An event in New York hosted by the Comité Bellecour

The Comité Bellecour, which is known for creating and promoting distinguished cultural events, organized an unforgettable exhibition in New York focussing on artistry and style (L’art et la manière).
évènement l'art et la manière

The event, which took place in a prestigious building in Midtown Manhattan, provided an opportunity for guests to discover the extraordinary know-how of some of the biggest French artists. The evening began with a guided tour of the contemporary art exhibition. 

Guests had the chance to personally meet the artisans and learn more about their techniques and their motivations.

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