Rouveure Marquez is getting a makeover!

After reworking our visual identity, the teams at Rouveure Marquez are proud to present our brand-new image, exported to the web.

Glimpses of our fibrous plaster and ceiling projects

With the aim of promoting our craftsmen’s know-how, Rouveure Marquez offers a selection of our projects, designed for luxury hotels, extraordinary homes, shops and businesses, restaurants, public places and heritage sites. A wide array in the same line: professionalism, aesthetics and quality craftsmanship.

Four confirmed specialities

The Rouveure Marquez studio is a Qualibat certified “Living Heritage Company” and member of the Bellecour Committee.
Mono acoustic ceilings
savoir faire staff contemporain
Contemporary fibrous plaster
Cornices and mouldings
Suspended ceilings

Rouveure Marquez and the ETO Group

Since May 2019, Rouveure Marquez has been an integral part of the ETO Group, a space for know-how. A step towards definite future development, the ever surer promotion of our know-how and careful attention applied to our projects.

Founded by Julien Delalande and Julien Gay in May 2019, the ETO Group aims to bring together French know-how specializing in craftsmanship, layouts and interior design.

Some members of the ETO Group:

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