Launched in 2006, the ambitious project to renovate Dijon’s fine arts museum was led by Ateliers Lion, a Parisian firm specializing in urban architecture.

Involving both local and regional actors, the renovation project for the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Burgundy’s capital city began in 2006 with two phases to enhance the building’s foot traffic and historical influences.

This ambitious project aimed to reinvent a larger, more comfortable and friendlier museum. Mba – Dijon

The gargantuan work began in 2008 and would continue for several years. Maison Rouveure Marquez participated in the renovation of this vast complex, namely by means of:

  • Creating and installing extended vaulting in the main exhibition room
  • Mono acoustic solutions and luminescent vaults and cornices made of fibrous plaster to camouflage technical systems in an attractive way and enhance the artistic work of lighting designer Hervé Audibert
  • Set-up of improved foot traffic arrangements, including a closed-string staircase made of fibrous plaster, the renovation of old passageways, illuminated ceilings and more.
Fiche technique

Client: City of Dijon
Location: Dijon (France)

Type: Fibrous plaster and ceilings
Business sector: Heritage and public spaces

Preliminary study: Eric PALLOT

Architect(s): Ateliers Lion & associés 
Technical design: IGREC Ingénierie
Lighting designer: Hervé Audibert

Delivery: 2013


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Musée des Beaux-Arts in Dijon

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