Ornamental plasterer: An applied art

The profession of plasterer belongs to the building industry but also applied arts. Plasterers are considered to be specialists in manufacturing and installing decorative architectural elements.

Ornamental plasterers design and/or restore ornamentation made of plaster and fibres to beautify an interior. They produce large numbers of decorations, such as mouldings, cornices, roses, cupolas and decorative ceilings.

The craftsmen then apply a layer of fibre on top of the plaster, which they then cover with another layer of plaster, before removing the creation from the mould once it has dried.

Plasterers may also coat their creations with fibrous plaster to give it the appearance of marble, stone or wood.

They can be both designers and installers of decorations. Most often, they create the ornamentation and then install it on site.

Working in synergy with architects

Based on drawings developed by architects, they fabricate plaster moulds which will receive the fibrous plaster to give it the desired form.

The qualities of  an ornamental plasterer

Plasterers must display attention to detail and aesthetics. They must be meticulous and technically skilled. They also require knowledge of spatial layouts.

Training to become a plasterer

With the Compagnons du Devoir

You can train to become a plasterer with the Compagnons du Devoir (a French organization of craftsmen). There are two possible paths: earn a vocational training certificate or a vocational baccalaureate and then continue onto a professional degree.

After receiving an initial diploma in one of the trades practised by the Compagnons du Devoir, you can then continue with a “Tour de France”, during which you will learn the profession’s techniques and know-how by working with a variety of companies.

Outside the Compagnons du Devoir

  • Vocational training certificate (CAP)
    • Ornamental Plastering CAP
    • Plastering & Dry Lining CAP
  • Vocational baccalaureate diploma (Bac Pro)
    • Building Finishing & Layout Bac Pro
    • Painting & Cladding Application Bac Pro
    • Fibrous plaster & Associated Materials BMA (applied arts diploma)
  • Higher education
    • Advanced vocational diploma in Layouts & Finishes

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